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Young Beginner’s First Repertoire for Classic Guitar



Review by Neil Smith
Classical Guitar

The goal of this book of graded pieces is to present interesting compositions of intrinsic musical and technical value for young students. An effort has been made to present a wide variety of music in many styles and from different periods. The music is carefully arranged in a graded sequence according to difficulty. Young students will enjoy making musical progress in playing pieces from grade one to approximately grade two. Sonia Michelson has spent many years looking for attractive beginning pieces of high musical quality for her students. She is now happy to be able to share this music with other teachers and their young students.

From Mel Bay Best Sellers

“This is a wonderful collection of graded pieces for the beginning classic guitar student. Sonia Michelson has gathered some of the finest solo material available at this level from various publishers throughout the world.”

Strive to play
easy pieces well
and beautifully;

it is better than
to render harder
pieces only
indifferently well
Robert Schumann

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