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Let’s begin to talk about teaching young children. ┬áIn addition, let’s discuss the principles we use in teaching adults as well as children.



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  • Chris Kelly

    Love the website….you will be able to start many interesting dialogues with musicians and teachers!

  • mark isenstein

    I have picked up my guitar again after about a thirty five year break. It is slowly coming back. THANK YOU for the solid foundation. It is nice to see you again on the internet and learn about what you’ve been doing.

  • Antonio R. T. DaSilva

    Hi teacher,
    I have been studying Milonga by Cardoso and Alfonsina y el mar by Ramirez, Um Dia de Noviembre by Brower and trying to keep up with the Valsa Choro by Villa Lobos.
    Thank you so much for your lessons and congratulations on your beautiful website.

    • Sonia Michelson

      Good to hear from you Antonio. Um Dia de Noviembre is one of my favorites. So glad you are studying classical guitar again.

  • Judy Dunson

    Dear Sonia, My students and I are keen to be able to dialogue with you, and enjoy your new websight. My guitar parents are all very excited about your gift to us all with your glorious new book The Joy of Music.

    • Sonia Michelson

      Thanks, Judy for your positive and enthusiastic comment. I look forward to a dialogue with your students and your student’s parents.

  • Julia

    A retelling of what is was to be a dedicated teacher for 50 years, written by my childhood guitar instructor, who has been a great influence! Do visit her links as well for her wise ideas on teaching guitar to children.

  • Prof. Lawrence Moss

    Michelson’s approach to teaching children seems,as outlined in her book, both supportive and methodical. I am particularly impressed by her attention to the sound of the music that her students are studying. In my 50 years of teaching composition and theory at the university level, I have found this the most important ingredient in teaching. It is so refreshing to see her teaching of classical guitar reinforcing this. She obviously is providing her students with a sound basis which will last them for a lifetime of music.

  • Ron

    I’m looking forward to reading your new book. I am wondering if will be available in a “hardcopy” version, or only PDF.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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